Real Estate - For Sale By Owner On-line Real Estate offers property owners of the Coffs Harbour area a space to display and sell their properties.
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Tips on Presenting Your Property

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when organising your own sale is you’re not selling a building - you’re selling a home and a lifestyle. Here are 10 "tricks of the trade" to get you started…

    1. Jot down your favourite spots in the house and what you like to do in them.
    2. List your favourite local restaurants, cafes, and beaches – especially those in walking distance.
    3. Note any pleasant fragrances – plants like jasmine and gardenia, or evening sea breezes.
    4. Mention your favourite spot for a morning coffee, an afternoon snooze, or an evening wine.
    5. Write about 300 words.
    6. Don’t include cars, garbage bins, or the road in your photos.
    7. Tidy your house and remove any clutter before taking inside shots.
    8. Capture colour both inside and out, but keep it simple.
    9. Take digital photos and save to CD so you won’t need a bureau for scanning and production.
    10. Invest in a prominent newspaper ad and make use of the Internet

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